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Welcome to Code 3 Solutions!

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Ready for Mobile, tablets and desktops or all resolutions the site is loaded with features that will impress
you and give you an idea of what we can do for you and your business.


Drone Videography

Drone Videography/UAV is a highly specialized form of Video that is done from the air to cause a completely diferent feel to your project. The project will be fully animated and ready for you to show off to your clients on time!

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is done by utilizing Comercial Drones that are controlled from the ground and can get the most amazing photos that are limited when trying to use a standard point and shoot camera!

Video and Photo Editing

Video and Photo Editing is a skill that can make a project great or it can make it the Best, we strive for the Best project available to get you a product you will love!

Money Back Guarantee on Aerial Projects

We offer a conditional money back guarantee on all Aerial footage, if you are not completely happy we will redo the project for you. If we can't get you the shot you are looking for, the project is free!

Website Design and Development

We can build you a beautiful Website from many of the top development software, Wordpress, Joomla, Dreamweaver,etc. if you have a specific platform you would like to use we can facilitate it.

Digital Marketing

We will create a Digital Marketing campaign for you that works, We use some of the most inovative software and applications to ensure a return on your investment.

Use the Provided Images

We have a deposit of thousands of pictures that we can use for your project, which saves time and money.


We can integrate, scheduling software, pop ups, funnel advertising, leadpage integration, E-mail and Marketing support as well as real estate sites (MLS and IDX integration).