Adding a WordPress blog to an HTML coded site

Anybody ever dreaded coding out an entire blog, styling it, etc? But you know that a blog will up your following? A simple and easy way to work around this is to create a WordPress blog and URL link it to your website. Want to know how?

Simply go into your hosting account and create WordPress Blog, when you create the URL make it http://(yourwebsite).com/BLOG and create the account. Now you have a live blog, there are a few other things you need to do like deleting the other pages that are created by default in the WordPress site, by simply going to “Pages” on the left and deleting them all. Next you want to go to themes and pic a theme that fits closely to your site. Then Customize your theme and add your logo’s titles, etc. Last but not least you need to go into “Appearance”, “Menu” and create a menu that links back to your main site, you use custom links and copy your URL’s from your menu in your main site. Just make sure to utilize the file extension on the back side of the url…..Example http://(your site).com/about.htm. The reason being is WordPress is trying to read the URL and it needs to be reading the file or you will get a 404 unfound error. Now that you are up and running you can start blogging and collect followers. You can go back at anytime and stylize it with ease using CSS or some of the default settings, and if you get bored you can change your theme without having to redo all of the work you have done!



Ben Mair

Owner Code 3 Solutions

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