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There are a few rules that have and continue to hold back the Drone UAV community and hopefully will be taken care of in there near future.

One of those if flying around airports, when are companies going to start putting transponders in UAV’s that are able to be picked up on Commercial flight radar? If this can be done then flying wishing restricted airspace below a ceiling of 400AGL should be no problem for any airplane. This will open up less work for the FAA that is backlogged with waivers. Also building a drone for night flight they should have to have strobes on them that comply with FAA regulations for aircraft so that we can get the awesome dusk shots and night shots of cities without again having to backlog the FAA with waivers.


These two simple things would allow for more important issues to be handled. My basis comes from looking at how many hobbyists are out there that don’t follow the rules in the first place and we have had no notable incidents that have killed or caused major damage to commercial aircraft. Those of us that spend thousands on our equipment aren’t going to put our equipment at risk doing stupid things trying to get a shot that is marginal. With proper training this can be done and should be done.

LOS is another interesting rule that I see being changed in the future, why? Because for people like me who shoot mainly golf courses approximately 60 feet off the ground and have to constantly fly 500+ yards away and around corners this rule is almost laughable. I get why it’s in place but sooner than later they will need to change this or be overwhelmed with waiver requests left and right.



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