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There are many things that will get you to the top of the list at Google, Bing, Safari, etc. We have all heard about how important H1 tags, H2 tags and descriptions can be, filling out your alt tags, Keywords, repeating words in lines 1-4 of your website and then again in the last 1-4 lines of your website. Well I did an experiment with my site, I redid a huge portion of it and changed my keywords following the way I just explained and went from the 4th page on google to the front page on google overnight for the keywords Drone Videography. Crazy right?

I know there are a ton of theories out there on what to do and what to put where, but I will tell you I have tried many things, done many websites and have had a hard time getting above page 3 on google. I started spending money on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, took my marketing seriously checking to see that I had the correct information in all of the “marketing” sites, made sure they were all verified and did what I said in the first paragraph and BAM front page for Drone Videography, page 2 for Website Design and page 3 for Digital Marketing.

So I guess the point I’m trying to get across is you need to have your T’s crossed your I’s dotted and take your marketing seriously for one. It doesn’t matter what you spend on adwords, Facebook, Bing ad’s etc. it may help but it doesn’t affect your ranking on the search engines. Pay attention to the little details on your website and the results will show for themselves. Also, Get on social media and get those people pointed to your site!!!

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